Galvanised Ductwork

Our quality assured bespoke manufactured galvanised ductwork is suitable for internal and external use and for high level installation. Our manufacturing operation is set up to minimise activities on site, ensuring a quick and efficient installation. We are able to reduce the number of deliveries to the site as our ductwork is prefabricated using continuous girth flanges flanges bolted together using a four-bolt system. We ensure that all items such as support rods and bearers are pre-cut in the factory and delivered to site with all other components as a complete package.

custom shaped galvanised ductwork
ventilation galvanised ductwork pipes installed
fabricated galvanised ventilation ductwork pipes

For over 20 years we have employed an innovative system which allows straight ductwork sections and fittings to be produced with a continuous girth flange formed from the parent material of the duct itself. The inherent strength of the flange gives the full range within DW144 of J2-J6, all with BSRIA certification. Non-piercing technology enables metal-to-metal joints to be achieved with zero leakage without the use of sealants or degradation of the galvanising on the sheet steel, which occurs using other methods such as spot welding. In addition, the smooth internal surface of the duct reduces the areas for bacteria to thrive.

The continuous girth flange enables us to guarantee 50% of permitted leakage on low-pressure and 75% of permitted leakage on medium pressure installed systems against the standard allowances set out in the HVCA DW/144 publication, conserving fuel and power and allowing better sustainability of the ductwork systems. This, together with the reduction in raw materials used, reduces the environmental impact of our activities as much as practically and economically possible, both now and over the years to come.

As specialist rectangular sheet metal ductwork manufacturers, quality assurance is extremely important to us and we adhere stringently to all recognised industry standards. DW144 is the Standard Specification for ductwork manufacture and installation and is aligned to all current BS, BS EN ISO and other standards and regulations. TR19 is a comprehensive standard that details access mechanisms to the ductworks, inspection mechanisms, cleaning processes and post-cleaning verification methods.

Our work covers the following ratings and standards:
DW172 Specification for Kitchen Ventilation Systems
DW154 Specification for Plastic Ductwork
Class C
Class D

At E&S, we have the technology and ability to provide ductwork systems outside of the pressure ranges within DW144, examples of which are extract systems designed with a negative pressure or up to 2000pa, 750pa being the maximum in DW144.