The Welding Institute, Cambridge

The Welding Institute, Cambridge


Client: Briggs & Forrester
Value: £700 k
Programme: 12 months
Consultant: Hoare Lea

 The Welding Institute is a world class engineering institution for welding, joining and allied technologies.  The project consists of three buildings that have varying roof heights and profiles cleverly acting as foils to each

other. What physically ties them together is an internal street that also docks into the original TWI building, bringing new and old accommodation together. The street is a generous focus and social hub for all

employees whether researchers, testing mechanics or administration staff. Appropriately situated at the west

end are café, conferencing facilities and library which are all within easy reach of the reception. This cost focused job was delivered on time and in budget - It is unusual to see building of this quality in a business

park and it shows that it can be done without excessive cost.